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Return to top postbit button - 1.8 by Matt

Doesnt work. The icon doesnt display for some reason!

Written By: alphamale, 19th September 2009

This works great for me. Comes with default blue myBB button, so still trying to find a good icon to work with my theme. Would be super if it came packaged with a universal substitute button, like a transparent green arrow.

Written By: beth, 12th December 2009

EDIT - Works Fine - I'd forgotten I had a Second language pack installed called "English GB" on top of the standard myBB "English" one! So to get this working ensure you have the .gif in every language pack and every template! :D

[Original Post: "This half works for me. I get the text "Return to Top" but not the image supplied with the plugin."]

Written By: Bifford, 3rd February 2011

Change the 'image\english' to 'image\yourLanguage'.

Written By: RobertL, 10th August 2014

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