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Remember Us? - 1.4 by Aries-Belgium

Excellent! This is very useful and I'm surprised it has so few downloads.

Written By: Clarkie, 6th June 2011

Nice Plugin except it started sending out the Reminders AGAIN after a week even though I rechecked the settings and it was set to do this after 6 months.

Thanks for probably having our Forum System's e-mail adress blacklisted on like 400 user account's mail adresses. This really sucks, I recommend to avoid this plugin!

Written By: Pechente, 11th June 2011

Bravo man. So much customizable and very easy to use.

Written By: Thruster, 16th June 2011

does this plugin works on mybb 1.6.5?

Written By: zam89, 12th January 2012

This doesn't work in 1.6.5

I've installed and activated it but it doesn't show up in the admin section

Written By: VinceC, 19th January 2012

Same here, don't works on 1.6.5, don't shows up on AdminCP

Written By: GalaxyFreak, 23rd January 2012

This plugin works not right.

I have set a email that need to be send after a month and members that register 1 day ago also get this email. Also the plugin sends randomly to members that be online every day.

So this plugin don't works like he need to do..........

Written By: GalaxyFreak, 10th June 2012

Post #84 or #90

Thanks for the great plugin!

Written By: Blastermaster, 8th September 2013

Uninstalling caused havoc with AdminCP - now no plugins at all are listed, even though all still have settings available. Presumably this plugin caused changes to database that are not cleaned up during uninstall

Written By: ArchPrime, 17th April 2014

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