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Registration Security Question - 1.2 by - G33K -


Written By: d3wlin, 10th January 2011

Finally! I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Easy to use, works great. Thank you!

Written By: Moonrise, 28th February 2011

Thanks ...a simple but powerful stuff.
Keep up the good work.

Written By: airborne, 13th March 2011

error running in IE9 box where you type the answer is very small unless running in compatibility mode then its fine. but not everyone will know to do this. other than that its great.. 5*

Written By: BaRoN30s, 21st March 2011

error- (info: using ie9)

I wanted to test it, so what i did was log out and go to register. The box was not there. When i press submit to send the email verification, it said ERROR- PLEASE FILL OUT THE SOMETHING FIELD So the box wasnt showing

Written By: sohrabian, 12th April 2011

Hi, nice mod. Hope it helps.

Just submitted Dutch language pack.

When testing I ran into one (minor) issue: Trying to select another question doesn't work, MyBB 1.6.3, IE9 language selection makes no difference

Written By: HenkP, 20th June 2011

Seems like a great plugin, but I also get the issue where I cannot change the question. I get the "Loading, Please Wait" popup, and it sits there forever. I am on MyBB 1.6.3 and using Firefox5.0. Until this is corrected, I think I have to hold off on installing this mod onto my live forum.

I did some searching, and the developer is still working on a fix at this time. See here for more info >>

In the meantime, you might try the plugin called "Signup Questions" instead:

That one offers stats, to show how many successful and unsuccessful attempts have been made to answer each question, but does not allow users to choose a different question by clicking a button. I will probably go with Signup Questions until THIS plugin is fixed.

Written By: Jayfore, 24th June 2011

Very good plugin! Congratulations!
But theres a very incovenient problem: when you click "Change question" it shows as loading, but never finishes. I've tested it on Firefox 5.0, Google Chrome 12.0.742.122 and Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421. The "cahnge question" worked well only on this IE version in compatibility mode. I hope you identify this problem ASAP, cause i need it working well for the security of my forum.
Waiting for reply,

Written By: tkpb, 25th July 2011

It would be fantastic, if the plugin could be used aganinst spam by not registered guests (news threads, answers). I hope, it would be realised ...

Written By: Falcao, 25th September 2011

Excellent plugin. Works very well for me.

Written By: Leader, 22nd October 2011

Works fine, thank you.

Written By: sarisisop, 28th October 2011

This plugin got an XSS vulnerable @ line 37 which might lead website hacked or defaced .

Written By: darkhk3r, 1st March 2012

I cannot activate this plugin in my website, I get an error. I m using SQLite database. I think it works with MySql database only.

Written By: saudiqbal, 10th March 2012

This plugin helped me make the spambots go away from my board. Thank you very much for this useful creation.

Written By: KultMadeInItaly, 1st July 2012

Very good plugin, sir!
It really helped me ... just update it when you can!

Written By: PepperMint, 24th July 2012

Very good Plugin! Can also be installed in the new_ reply? Many thanks in advance.

Written By: cybertrucker, 20th August 2012

Nice plugin! Hope you could integrate this on other part of the forum, just like the other user say's, like in new reply? That would be so nice!

Written By: Jhaxun, 10th December 2012

Excellent plugin. Works flawlessly.

Written By: Yamaha, 27th February 2013

Este es uno de los mejores plugins que hay para Mybb, si bien sera simple la función del mismo, la utilidad que tiene es de los mejores, hace mas de 2 años que lo uso, y es uno de los plugins que se podría decir son indispensables para todo foro 10/10.

This is one of the best plugins out there for Mybb, but will simply function thereof, the usefulness is best, but 2 years ago I use, and is one of the plugins you could say are essential forum for all 10/10.

Written By: XEDE, 6th July 2014

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