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reCAPTCHA III - 1.0.2 by jimbojetset

All you have to do is turn off MyBB's default captcha and install this one and it works great. Good job.

Written By: Jefffan24, 18th October 2009

Got this installed and works beautifully!!!

However, appears to not like GZIP compression. I had to disable it for this to work.

Written By: Daworm, 22nd January 2010

In 1.4, all "yesno" plugin options were changed to 1/0 in the database, so this plugin needs to be updated to change the two instances of != "no" to != 0 in order to keep captcha from showing when not enabled.

Also, the settings entry for captcha_status should be changed from 'no' to '0' as well before installation if you want to be consistent.

Written By: pavemen, 25th August 2010

It works for registrations, but not for posting as guest on the forum. The "image is incorrect" error appears countless. This problem has been reported to me by a couple of users and i have tried to test it myself (im the admin of the forum). Indeed, there is no way you can pass the image, regardless how correctly you type the image code.


Written By: Boschet, 18th October 2010

Works Great! I have been getting a lot of fake registrations and MyBB default Captcha did nothing to stop them. It should be noted however that the recaptchalib.php needs to be updated for the new links (google) in order to verify the captchas.

Written By: Cyber_Punk, 24th February 2011

After download of this plugin you have to download the newest version of Googles recaptchalib.php here. From the ZIP file only use "recaptchalib.php" to replace the version which is included in this mod.
The rest works as described: deactivate the built-in captcha system in the board settings and activate the recaptcha plugin.
Please note: this mod enables recaptcha support only for the registration form, nothing else!

Written By: atnun, 10th May 2011

Great plugin! as soon as I deactivated it spam bots started registering to my forum!
However I think that having both myBB captcha and this new recaptcha III is too much and takes too much patience for people who want to register. So please can anybody help me and tell me is there a way to remove old myBB captcha and only have this new recaptcha?

Written By: VEGETA_DTX, 28th May 2011

Well, I downloaded it and installed it and it does not seems to work as advertised.

I wanted to use it as replacement for the default MyBB Captcha, not for the registration of the users but for posting, and the captcha did not change...

So maybe it's fully functional for users' registration, but not at all for replacing the default MyBB one.

Written By: Troll, 24th September 2011

not compatible with 1.6.5

Written By: squall_leonhart69r, 26th November 2011

Spam seems to have increased hasn't it? I just installed this Captcha on my forum to stop the ridiculous sign ups that don't even spam....they just keep signing up as different user names.

Well, let's see what this can do.

Written By: Caiaphas, 18th January 2012

Could not get the default recaptcha through 1.6.14 to work, no matter what I did. This plugin had it working no problem. Regards.

Written By: DrXotick, 9th July 2014

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