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ProfileTabs - 2.3 by Edson Ordaz

Does not show up in plugins in cp after adding it to inc/plugins/ What do you mean by unzip the attachment to the root of your board fence to admin panel?

Written By: sheldon365, 30th November 2010

Just what he said, but seems as you didn't upload all the files.

Written By: JonathanP, 1st December 2010

There is only the plugin file in here - result when tested on my board is a tab-less profile in Spanish. Might be an idea to upload all the files hmmm?

Written By: Leefish, 2nd December 2010

This would be much better if it were set to use the defined style attributes of MyBB so it works on a per theme basis. Making users use custom CSS means the tabs may clash with certain themes.

Written By: Xplorer4x4, 19th May 2011

works fine for me
but i couldn't find i edited plugin's file manually to translate and add some box like last visits
and i think there is bug in plugin
when i select a tab other than profile comment and refresh page and come back to profile comments tab it looks wierd

Written By: h0mayun, 28th April 2011

I THINK this conflicts with Profile Comments, but I may be wrong. I install this than Profile Comments but no place for Comments anywhere on the profile.

Written By: Jessica., 29th June 2011

I've downloaded it then I thought I didn't want it so I removed it now....Nobody has a profile?!?!?! After I de-activated nobody had a profile it was a blank page. Also I deleted every file from my webhost and still the same thing?!?!? I really need help.

Written By: Scribbles, 17th August 2011

Same problem, when you deactivate, user profile shows nothing.

Written By: Xan, 14th October 2011

It's not work!

Written By: mybboardvietnam, 28th March 2012

It's not work on MyBB 1.6.8

Written By: Sharu, 7th December 2012

The profile is showing a blank page after activating this plugin and I am unable to find any configuration setting for this mod.

Written By: Alam, 3rd February 2014

Installed this, but the tabs were blank (and 120% wide). I deactivated it, and the profiles disappeared. I then removed all of the times, and the profiles look messed up now. Help please! :(

Written By: Vaabenskjold, 17th February 2014

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