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Prefix-Manager - 1.0 by XxAnimusxX

This will be really useful- thanks.

Written By: Lachlan, 6th September 2008

not very useful to me, but it might be useful to others!

Written By: pwner, 6th December 2008

This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! It works well too.

I have a some suggestions. It would be nice if I could rename a prefix, and that all posts set with that prefix, would get updated to have the new prefix-name (as it is now, they keep the old prefix-name). Also, if I delete a prefix, I expect all threads with the deleted prefix, to have its prefix cleared (as it is now, they keep the old deleted prefix). In the meantime I can just update the database by sql by hand, easily, to fix this, if I really need to. so this is not a big issue) Thanks again.

Written By: jonjon, 24th January 2009

I like red, green etc colour prefix.;)

Written By: atomjani, 21st February 2009

I like the prefix system as it's something I definitely need for my board. I guess my only criticism for it is that the prefix system seems to lack a way to filter threads tagged with certain prefixes in each board, which I think would be a nice touch to your modification, if that's possible of course. Other than that, thanks for making this. :)

Written By: PK8, 1st June 2009

it doesn't work with MyBB 1.4.8 :/

Written By: Patouf, 13th August 2009

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