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Poll on Index - 0.3 by Krafdi

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Written By: Howman, 23rd March 2009

I installed as instructed by the included readme.txt file. It worked fine. This is a handy little mod.

Written By: GrimFinger, 31st December 2009

This has worked great for me and my members love it. ~Beth

Written By: beth, 21st January 2010

great mod, just do what it says.

Can we have the feature in which at the bottom of poll it is written "express your views on this poll" which will take user to the poll thread which will make members interact also on the poll question.

Written By: drankur, 17th October 2010

Would it be possible to link the headline of the poll to the poll-thread?

Written By: grosserblonder, 12th November 2010

not working on my site with mycure template.
entered the poll id correctly.
can u help

Written By: envira, 30th November 2010

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