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PM on Registration - 1.2.0 by Dennis Tsang

works well

Written By: TStarGermany, 1st November 2008

It adds a way nicer look to any forum!
Nice and simple works great.

Written By: MICSSFX, 25th March 2009

This plugin is 100% working!

thank-you DennisTT :)

Written By: Kaspersky, 5th June 2009

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Written By: jacobred, 24th June 2009

for me (MyBB 1.4.8):

Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated in D:\wamp\www\inc\plugins\pmonreg.php on line 202

Written By: Pars, 7th August 2009

I have the same exact problem as the rest.

Written By: xXTHeEddYXx, 10th December 2009

Works perfectly! Thank you!

Written By: all2himweo, 21st April 2010

awesome plugin working like a charm

Written By: envira, 12th December 2010

does this plugin work or not?

Written By: robd0gg, 15th March 2013

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