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phpfreechat Embedder - 0.2 by RII

The plugin is very excellent. But there is one minor problem. It kills the thread view count on the forums. There could be an issue with the coding, that is making it interfere with the thread view count. The methods explained on the support forums, do no work in this instance, as I have tried, and ran a test, with a test copy of the forum, and just the chat alone.

Until this option is fixed, I'm not using it. though I hope it is intergrated in the next release.

Written By: DarkValentine, 29th November 2008

I have the same iusse in my forum. I solved by deleting this useless line in the plugin code(inc/plugins/phpfreechat.php):

PHP Code:

Written By: Gionet82, 11th January 2009

This embedder made my life significantly easier with installing phpchat. And I also had the same thread views problem, but it was resolved with the suggested code deletion.

Very useful tool and my board members are very happy!

Written By: beth, 2nd May 2009

The install notes are messy and incomplete. Would you be able to clean them up for users of less experience? After I have put the files in their proper locations, what do I need to do to get the chat link/module to show up with my other toplinks?

Thank you for providing this chat mod. It would be awesome if the instructions allowed a person to seamlessly integrate this into their own boards. Could one of you who has installed this already provide me with more information?

Thanks in advance,

Written By: emeryworks, 17th December 2009

phpfreechat is a real pain to integrate into mybb and its not free!

Written By: Karlitosway, 4th January 2010

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