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Overview (for MyBB 1.4) - 3.2.1 by frostschutz

I have a question: how can I use the colapse/expand function on a plugin because that doesn't have the function in the plugin code?
Btw, great plugin!

Written By: ecanikajo, 29th December 2008

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Overview by


Written By: Howman, 23rd March 2009

This Mod is broken !

Written By: alirex, 28th April 2009

useful plugin but it doesn't support arabic characters !! would be nice if that feature is added .. the arabic translation is just arabic written in english letters and not real arabic letters ..

Written By: hala, 24th June 2009

I want to display it to my portal page. Is that possible?

Written By: zas, 18th December 2010

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