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Original Poster Image - 1.2 by Ryan Loos

There are no settings, it just displays a pencil image on the top of the Original Poster's comments. I do wish that there was a setting that allowed the admin to configure an image of their own choice. As it is, the only way to change the image is to replace the file MyBBroot/images/opimage.png.

Written By: mehtuus, 29th April 2011

This mod is simple and useful ! :)

Written By: HollowMac, 23rd June 2011

I know this used to work on my forum, but can't remember the last time I noticed the OP image showing up. I just kinda forgot about it. It could be that the upgrade to 1.6.4 caused it to stop working? Even trying the CHMOD mentioned in the support thread does not help.

Written By: Jayfore, 28th November 2011

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