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No New Threads - 1.2 by crazy4cs

this is message: "You cannot post new threads in this forum until you achieve 6 posts. You currently have 7 posts, so you require -1 more posts to be able to post threads in this forum."
I edit:
if($fid != $mybb->settings['nonewthreads_forums'] && $mybb->user['usergroup'] != $mybb->settings['nonewthreads_gid'] && $pcount < $nntposts)
I don't know why but it work.
feedback: [email protected]

Written By: vietlamdownload, 24th February 2012

In this plugin we blockade on the Forums unless you add exceptions in the settings. Only that I can add an exception for only one ID, eg 16 How to append to a new ID exceptions, for example, 16,17 it no longer works on unlocked is just a post about the first ID 16

My email: [email protected]

Written By: pietrek, 23rd January 2014

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