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NDesign - 1.6.1a by quacktacular

I like your templates. One quick note is that they are missing the icons for "Add to Buddy List" and "Add to Ignore List". Not a major problem, though. :-)

Written By: richwaters, 27th August 2010

same problem, no icons

Written By: bruno36, 28th November 2010

Also missing - View New Posts, View Today's Posts..

Written By: cpt.morgan, 23rd January 2011

I guess leaving a review means nothing due to my son left a message a couple days ago and heard nothing back as of yet. But the first two reviews when we loaded it it had those buttons. Well we'll see what happens now but if MyBB lets this happen then that just tells me they work the same way.

Written By: cpt.morgan, 23rd January 2011

Still nothing fixed!

Written By: mrfield16, 17th February 2011

All, it works MUST move the language folder in (english) and you MUST install and activate the plugin!

Written By: mrfield16, 17th February 2011

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