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MyPlaza Turbo - 0.3.0 by Diogo Parrinha

This is an amazing Mod

MyPlaza for 1.2x from Zinga Burga was the best plugin to Mybb I´ve ever tried before.

This version from Pirata Nervo it´s updated and tweaked so it´s even better.

Thanks Zinga and Pirata for your effort and amazing work.

Written By: aglioeolio, 24th December 2008

Great plugin :x Thanks a lot !

Written By: kanishi, 29th March 2009

I've only just installed the plugin on my forum, but from what I see it is extremely powerful! I can't wait to see how it goes once my forum starts getting active.

Thanks very much Pirata Nervo! Great work so far!

Written By: PorkoWog, 1st May 2009

This isn't v1.6 compatible...

Written By: Sky The Destroyer, 21st June 2010

Plss make compatibility for 1.6

Written By: adrianxr, 9th February 2011

How to i can install at my forum ?

Written By: Reffles Ace, 28th May 2011

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