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MyIPB - 3.0 by Scoutie44

Is this really allowed? I mean, I thought IPB copyrighted their template.

Written By: Ginji, 3rd June 2009

"All images are custom made except for the icons" - except the theme name, nothing is from "IPB" except the name and color scheme

So I think there is no problem at all...

Written By: aglioeolio, 14th June 2009

Greatest Template ever i saw for mybb!

Written By: alilg, 9th January 2010

Use it on 2 forums, easy to customize, love the way it looks in posts Great theme 5/5

Written By: djblalock, 26th July 2010

Hi all. I have MyBB 1.6.1 with IPB theme downloaded from But there is a small problem: the nickname colors are not shown in posts (only in "legend", and in "who's online") although they are set in usergroup. With other themes it is ok. Can you help me? Thanks

Written By: W1ck3D, 14th February 2011

How to increase the size of avatars

Written By: bruno36, 14th March 2011

Really awesome!!!!! Nice job!

Written By: mrfield16, 28th August 2011

I cannot install this theme, everytime i get MyBB could not find the theme with the file you uploaded. Please check the file is the correct and is not corrupt.

Written By: saudiqbal, 30th July 2012

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