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MyBBLDAP - 0.0.1 by Rukbat

1) Initial code does not authenticate against Open LDAP.
2) Should a user change their password locally, the account can only log in with their local password.
3) If a user doesn't exist locally there is no provisioning of the account.
4) No TLS encrypted support, nor SSL encrypted support. Login credentials go over the wire in clear text. Major security problem.

I am currently updating the module. I have resolved issues 1, 3, and partially 4 (uses TLS if enabled). I am trying to figure out how to resolve issue 2. Also, I need to look at how to redirect the register link, to optionally point to a LDAP registration page, instead of the local registration page. Once I have a few more things fixed, I'll find a way to upload the code.

Written By: jkurrle, 6th September 2013

My update to the code can be found here: [LINK][/LINK]

Written By: jkurrle, 11th September 2013

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