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MyBB SEO - 1.1 Beta 1 by Asad_Niazi

Plugin was working great for a few days but then one particular sticky thread would load only a blank page while I was logged in as admin (when i was not logged in or logged in as a regular user it would load fine).

I disabled the plugin and the thread became viewable again. Hope this gets fixed in the next release.

Written By: cableboy, 13th August 2008


reason of that error is your host doesnt support for plugin's rel=nofollow modification. so if you disable it from settings of plugin your board doesnt gives blank pages...

Written By: dared, 11th September 2008

it works now :)

Written By: technoman, 22nd November 2008

Well done this has broken my MyBB installation...

Written By: Pechente, 16th December 2008

:O rel=nofollow humm..
work fine :D

Written By: p_eter, 23rd February 2009

Won't activate with a Postgres DB

Written By: xhenxhe, 30th December 2009

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