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123 Flash Chat and MyBB integration plugin - 10.0 by 123flashchat

Stay away from "123flashchat" software!

•If you require to even get basic help from this company for there software you will have no choice but to pay 199$ = License ( 50 max users) before they bother to help!

499 + 199 = $600.00 starting for 50 max users ( very expensive ) !!!

Written By: technoman, 14th November 2009

thanks for the review. i wont bother.

Written By: groovybluedog, 10th December 2009

Good chat. They offer me the support if i am the free users. I'm testing 123 flashchat free hosting service for a long time. Now, i will buy the 50 users one year host.

Written By: foxcentury, 8th February 2010

It can be integrated seamlessly with mybb
Free version is with 10 users with limitations for admin access and it is branded

Written By: flashchat, 7th May 2013

This software is awesome i would recommend it to you for the following reasons
1.they continuously release free upgrades with great new features
2.they have a module for each cms platform out there
3.prices was high before but now it became affordable for anyone you can start a hosted chat room for 20$/month is so friendly and they will do the task within hours from opening ticket
5.they have clients for both mobile and desktop so mobile users can chat

i am with this company since 2010 now and fully satisfaied

Written By: drmark1989, 5th September 2013

I chose 123 Flash Chat three years ago, upgraded my chat license several times, now my chat is the latest version 10.0.

123 Flash Chat updates their software frequently, adds many new features in the new version. They also ask the advises from customers in order to make the chat better and better.

The professional support team always help me within shortest time. They are not only solve the problem, but also explain the reason and teach you how to solve this.

It is really a good chat solution for MyBB, it can seamlessly integrated with MyBB, let the members single login the chat after integration.

In the new version, the HTML client is perfect, it totally with HTML, loads fast.

I love the software, it can let me make money, they published one article, you can check for more details.

Give a like to 123 Flash Chat.

Written By: Bobby1988, 5th May 2014

I have been using 123 Flash chat for my mybb forum for more than 6 years; I am using their product since it is a text only chat back in 2008; and then the video feature, to be honest, this product is making progress every year;

It has some bugs with each advancing step but the new features are just irresistible and I have been updating it to the latest 10.0 now!

Written By: danblack, 20th May 2014

I download the module a few days ago, it seems like compatible with our mybb forum very well. And supported by HTML5, that's what kind of chat software we are looking for. We goona purchase their license. But I need their support help us to do integration, I don't know if they can help us :(

Written By: Goodespect, 20th May 2014

Just received full chat info from Lex, he is working on to integrate it to my site; It's only 20$, really cheap chat, i love this chat hhha...

Written By: Shayan Lee, 20th May 2014

After a long term test, I decided to choose this chat module to integrated into my mybb community.
I purchase a 100 user license with 8 modules, which cost me $299. Actually the price is over my budget, but it's one time fee license, also with excellent support service.
As so far, I guess this chat software worth what I paid. Fully integrated with my website, and with all features I wanted.

Written By: Navie##, 13th June 2014

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