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ModNotice Plus - 1.5.5 by Prtik

Works great.
Thanks for the plugin ;)
Using MyBB 1.6.3

Written By: Kidz, 13th May 2011

Because of my inexperience with such things I had some issues with this plugin. That being said, most of those issues have been resolved. It does not send a PM to the author of the post that is being edited. The PM option is enabled in ACP, it just doesn't function. This is on MyBB v1.6.3.

See my review thread here:

Written By: mehtuus, 14th May 2011

Great plugin, thanks!

The only thing I would love to see different is when you edit the title of a post using this plugin, it only edits the post title and not the topic title if it's the first post in a topic.

Written By: Robbert, 4th September 2011

It's Great. But don't Send any massage to author for me ?
what ?

Written By: carrow, 21st September 2011

Big thanks for nice plugin and support for 1.6.5

Written By: lirvux, 30th November 2011

Works perfectly. All the described features run without any issues. I am 100% satisfied. :)

Written By: hoodedwarbler13, 21st June 2012

This is a great plugin! Working MyBB 1.6.8 But it's destroyed the look of my edit button and I'm not sure were to edit to change the look back. I'd have rather just manually added an additional ul for the mod edit selection on the edit button drop down list, instead of having allowed this plugin to do whatever it did for me..
If you have the same issue, if someone gives a solution, it can be found on this thread:

Written By: GunnerAIO, 4th July 2012

Works in mybb 1.6.9 - Very good plugin, It do exacly what it say.
Some people may however have problem at first to figure out what has happened to his "edit' button. Instead of looking at postbit_edit you should look at postbit_moderator_edit

Written By: avril, 18th December 2012

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