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Meta - Tag Plugin - 1.0 by LowBatteryTR

Great for SEO users. Good Job.

Written By: Chasingu, 5th September 2008

how do you install these the download comes as a RAR

Written By: Directory, 2nd December 2008

Directory, use a program like 7-Zip

Written By: danrulz98, 3rd December 2008

Has a syntax error, line 105 metatag.php
find_replace_templatesets("index", "#".preg_quote("{\$headerinclude}")."#i", "{\$headerinclude}}\r\n{\$metag}");
Should Be
find_replace_templatesets("index", "#".preg_quote("{\$headerinclude}")."#i", "{\$headerinclude}\r\n{\$metag}");

To many } in first line after {\$headerinclude} added the } to top above logo but I found it and it works good with no extra bracket

Written By: Poreman, 1st January 2009

i get the same as Poreman

Written By: Howman, 23rd March 2009

Love this, this is another great idea, from an idea person.
who would of thought of this?
good job! and thanx a mundo!

Written By: Pow-Mia, 2nd April 2009

Why does this give me 3 } }} symbols at the top of my forums and even after uninstalling this it doesnt go away

Written By: $ahil, 22nd November 2009

Go into your ACP -> Templates & Style -> Template
At the top right you find a button named "Search/Replace". Klick it. At the bottom of the page you can search, search for "index".
Then in the results you find under "master templates" a template named "index". Klick options -> modify in default template.

There you see in line 4 the {$headerinclude} and the additional (wrong) brackets...

Before you reinstall it, read the post from Poreman and fix your script...

Hope this will help you and sorry for my bad English...

Written By: Taiga-san, 11th January 2010

I have done all as indicated above, but the "}" is still there:(
I have checked the "Index" template again and the extra } is not there, nor is it in the plugin, but there has been no improvement.
I am using MyBB 1.6.3

Written By: Arka, 2nd February 2012

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