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Image Resizer & Optimizer with GD - 2.0 by mtjo

it works now. thx for your effors

Written By: dared, 28th August 2008

Thanks, I successfully installed it but I included the folder of resize in inc/ plugin dir.

Written By: Haudegen, 26th September 2008

works perfectly, thank you

Written By: Mr. Chinn, 27th November 2008

NiCe...Working Smoothly
But After Resizing The Image The Page Is Still The Same
If It Returns The Page What It Was Before...the page is Still Width even its resized the image...any help with that ?

Anyways WonderFul Job..!!!

Written By: eshajam, 3rd February 2009

Works good!

Written By: Serenity278, 14th October 2009

Great plugin for keeping forums streamlined. I use it on all my installs standard :)

Written By: peepo, 28th February 2010

This mod is fully compatible with MyBB 1.6
You must change only compatible line in main plugin file to:
'compatibility' => '16*'

Written By: lukasamd, 17th August 2010

Could not get this plugin to work correctly. First of all, the resizer_class/resizer_class.php would not allow me to pull up my Plugins in the Admin CP Configuration panel. When I would delete it, my Admin CP would work fine... add it back in, problems. I so wished I could have used this because I miss my Shadowbox plugin from version 1.4. :(

Written By: all2himweo, 10th December 2010

Unfortunately there is a problem with this plugin when is used the center or right align tag.

Written By: MaFeSa, 30th December 2010

I kinda don't know how to install this any help?

Written By: pikkip, 3rd August 2011

Can't get it to work, as soon the resizer_class i present, both the default and the one in the php5 folder, the plugin menu fails to load.

Using php 5.2.x with GD bundle (version 2.0.34) and allow_fopen_url enabled.

Written By: Ormtung, 11th May 2012

I liked this plugin's features. Unfortunately, I found it was preventing attached images from showing in posts, so I had to uninstall it.

Written By: Eleanor, 23rd August 2012

Hope the author will fix the bugs & develop such an useful plugin :)

Written By: mayasl, 5th June 2013

This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1.8.2

Written By: Michael_vx, 23rd November 2014

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