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Hide links! - 1.0 by Kaito

it not work :D!

Written By: mybboardvietnam, 28th October 2012

Plugin has some problems if you have more than one link in the thread. For everyone that downloaded this plugin please replace all hide_links.php content for this:

* MyBB 1.6
* Copyright © 2006 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
* Website:
* License:

if(!defined("IN_MYBB")) {
die("Non si pu&ograve; utilizzare questo file direttamente.<br /><br />assicurati che IN_MYBB sia definita.");


function Hide_links_info()
return array(
"name" => "Nascondi Links",
"description" => "Nascondi i links agli utenti non collegati",
"website" => "",
"author" => "Kaito",
"authorsite" => "",
"version" => "1.0",

function Hide_links_activate() {
global $db;
$Hide_links_group = array(
"name" => "hl_group",
"title" => "Nascondi Links",
"description" => "Imposta la frase default per i link nascosti!",
"disporder" => "4",
$db->insert_query("settinggroups", $Hide_links_group);
$gid = $db->insert_id();
$Hide_links_setting = array(
"name" => "frase_default",
"title" => "Frase sostituente i links",
"description" => "La frase che andrà a sostituire i links. <strong>Usa i BBCode se servono!</strong>",
"optionscode" => "text",
"value" => "Registrati o effettua il Login per visualizzare il link!",
"disporder" => "1",
"gid" => intval($gid),
$db->insert_query("settings", $Hide_links_setting);

function Hide_links_deactivate() {
global $db;
$db->query("DELETE FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."settinggroups WHERE name='hl_group'");
$db->query("DELETE FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."settings WHERE name='frase_default'");

function Hide_links($message) {
global $mybb;
if(!$mybb->user['uid']) {
$ltr = array();
preg_match_all("#<a(.*?)</a>#s", $message, $m);
foreach($m[1] as $value) {
$ltr[] = "<a$value</a>";
$message = str_replace($ltr, madancode($mybb->settings['frase_default']), $message);
return $message;

function madancode($var) {
$find = array(
$replace = array(
'<span style="text-decoration: underline;">$1</span>',
'<span style="text-decoration: strike;">$1</span>',
'<span style="font-size: $1px;">$2</span>',
'<span style="color: $1;">$2</span>',
'<a href="$1">$2</a>'
return preg_replace($find, $replace, $var);


Written By: shelton, 2nd November 2012

The code of shelton, works! Thanks!

Written By: Jhaxun, 23rd November 2012

Really a worthy plugin!

Thank you!

Written By: mayasl, 8th June 2013

I have to revoke my last review.

This is a kids play!

Page source shows the links!

Please come up with something matured.

Written By: mayasl, 28th June 2013

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