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Header Announcements - 1.0 by Mohammad-Za

Is it possible that it doesn't work with Custom Themes ? Or do I have to manually edit templates for that ? If so, which and how ?

Written By: Wolfseye, 6th September 2010

Welcome to Fatality 614! ;]

Written By: evildevilric, 24th September 2011

Worked good, but broke MyBB code and Text Field in new threads... :/

Written By: Zero Beat, 2nd October 2011

ممنون محمد جان.خوش حالم روزی با شما توی انجمن مای بی بی ایران عضو بودم.اما حیف که نتونستیم تو انجمن بمونم...حتما دانلود میکنم.راستی با نسخه 1.6.4 کار میکنه؟

Written By: [email protected], 3rd October 2011

this mods working like a charm for 1.6.8, thnaks

if you want the header announcement to shown in Index page alone only means,

1)open plugin file, find this
$plugins->add_hook("global_start", "headerannounce_global");

Completely replace with
$plugins->add_hook("index_start", "headerannounce_global");

add below code in next line of {$header} in Templates > your templates > Index page templates > Index


Written By: feastboy, 23rd June 2012

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