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Guest's Can't View Threads - 1.1 by Jammerx2

Works fine u can turn on and off and customise the text

Written By: groovybluedog, 3rd January 2010

You can prevent guests from viewing threads by setting their permissions in admin cp.... what's the point of this plugin? :/

Written By: EviLito, 14th February 2010

This plugin doesn't seem to work.. You can activate it and deactivate it, but there's nowhere to change the settings that I can find.

Written By: RastaLulz, 23rd May 2010

if i dezactivate the plugin this is wath guest see wen he try to se a threads


Written By: cezars, 4th August 2011

Gusets can view threads with RSS Syndication link and select all forums, generate the url and then view all forums.

Written By: Algorithm, 3rd December 2010

Working perfect. Great usage to shared hosting.

I´ve edited the message to my language in line 31 of php file.

Thanks Jammerx2 :)

Written By: aglioeolio, 13th January 2011

If you install this plugin, can you then choose different threads to be able to be viewed by the public, or is this pretty much an "all or nothing" kind of thing?

Written By: KrinkleGator, 18th June 2011

Awesome plugin, thanks!

However, I changed the if($mybb statement to this:

if($mybb->user['usergroup'] == 1 or 5)

this still blocks guests, but it also blocks awaiting activation, if you want. You could easily use this to close the forum, or etc.

5* thanks!

Written By: cluckis, 17th August 2012

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