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Group Post CSS - 2.1 by Jammerx2

Installed it but can't find any settings anywhere. :(

Written By: linguist, 4th January 2010


Written By: bdkekos, 10th January 2010

I find the bug. The setting is only with english languages in admin.

Written By: atomjani, 2nd July 2010

If after upgrading your version, you get a SQL error complaining about duplicate columns, then you should take a look at this support thread:

This is how I solved it and got the plugin working again.

Written By: mehtuus, 12th May 2011

This is a really neat plugin - I like how Staff posts can now stand out from the rest, handy when dealing with support threads. No problems installing this plugin at all, gets my 5 stars! :-)

For those of you who might get lost after installation with regard to finding the settings, here you go...

Dashboard -> Users & Groups -> Groups - select a group you wish to edit, say for example Administrator - go to options, edit group and go to the Miscellaneous tab, all the settings are there, really handy! :)

Great plugin, thanks for your generosity!

Written By: hazelstutorials, 3rd September 2011

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