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Floating Guest Notify - 1.2 by Whiteneo

Nice mod, tested and working fine :)

i translated the mod in English, because mod released in spanish

You can download the Floating windows for guests here


i already applied for mods team :)

Written By: feastboy, 23rd June 2012

Did not work for me. MyBB 1.6.9

Written By: Vidiot_X, 20th January 2013

Works Great on 1.6.9. Thank you

Written By: supwner, 20th January 2013

It does not work with shoutbox installed.

Written By: Vidiot_X, 21st January 2013

You hav to review the var on header for guest it does not repeat, it works on all 1.6.x versions, tested on more than one forum xD.

Written By: Stratovarius, 14th September 2013

Works nicely in 1.6.5. For those having issues displaying the box, edit your theme's templates, look for header_welcomeblock_guest and in the top paste {$ventana_flotante}. The theme I used did not have the </script> tag that the plugin installer replaces, so I had to add it manually.

Written By: Gigawiz, 25th September 2013

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