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Fit on Page - 2.3 by - G33K -

Thanks, this is very useful

Written By: aglioeolio, 25th July 2009

Excellent Plugin, and dont make server load because is a Client Script.

Thanks for Release.

Written By: Rafael, 21st August 2009

Works as advertised, no bugs found. Settings for color make it usable in any kind of theme you might be running :)
Great plugin, 5/5

Written By: bositman, 28th August 2009

Works great on my forum (1.4.9) thank you very much.

Written By: leesester, 18th November 2009

Thanks! This works perfectly on v 1.4.11

Written By: Ghengis, 8th April 2010

Almost perfect! Only problem is that huge images load first, breaking the interface, and only once they're fully loaded, the re-size takes effect. Would be perfect if the re-size would take effect immediately, without having to load the image's original dimension beforehand.

Other than that, definitely the best re-size mod out there! 4/5

Written By: wigiman, 27th September 2010

Very good :)

Written By: peepo, 1st October 2010

Its not working for me. Copied files, Activated Plugin but nothing happens. fitonpage.js is beign loaded, template changes applied successfully. But its not working on my core-hack-free mybb 1.6.

Written By: CroneKorkN, 16th October 2010

Love it love it!

Works great for me. Like the info-bar details.

Written By: Aarmin, 30th October 2010

Works great, thank you!

Written By: atnun, 9th November 2010

Work perfectly well. Thanks

Written By: Wdblazer, 7th January 2011

Excellent! Work just perfect. Thanks man

Written By: Torrecus, 20th January 2011

Awesome Plugin!! Keep up the good work man. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By: Jagu, 17th March 2011

Would be awesome to use this mod in member profiles

Written By: king_og, 5th May 2011

very nice mod

Written By: Mr.JunioR, 21st October 2011

WORKX fine, thanx!

Written By: LandEagle, 21st November 2011

not working 1.6.5 functions error

Written By: codetr, 27th November 2011

Get an error message! Help?

Written By: checkdutch, 27th November 2011

Working like a charm in 1.6.5 :)

if guys it is not working means, please see the source code, may js conflict occurs

Written By: feastboy, 10th January 2012

Works great and also works with mybb 1.6.8.

Thanks G33K - for great plugins.

Written By: razzy007, 4th September 2012

Great plug in.

Written By: sam0016, 4th September 2012

I got 2 themes (the same themes) one dark and other white. The white is the default and the dark it's the secondary, well, it won't work on my secondary (dark) theme.

Written By: Polak, 24th November 2012

working on 1.6.10

just edit setting 90 to 70, .to make it nice on my site

Written By: beater, 21st August 2013

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