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ezGallery - 1.0.10 by vbgamer45

Thank you for this plugin! Would it be possible to integrate image ratings for registered users as well?

Written By: Jockl, 29th June 2010

ok, I can see the page mysite/gallery

but, its empty, where to upload images, where they will show up?

Written By: james12, 6th August 2010

Some instructions on how to take advantage of this plugin's seemingly great features would really help. I have activated it and configured its options, but as someone else has asked, now what? If you navigate to your /gallery page, the page is blank. How do users upload and view gallery images??

OK, I found the answer... This plugin adds a GALLERY link to your forums page.

Another tip... If you would like to see discussion about this mod, check here

Written By: Jayfore, 21st August 2010

Hello, I installed this plugin. It does need a couple of tweaks to get it going.
You will see a blank page at first when trying ti view your gallery because the gallery link in the config section is wrong.
The page to view your gallery is ''
not '
You should change this in the gallery config settings.
Also make sure the gallery folder is chmodded to the correct settings.
I love this plugin. Its such a shame mybb doesnt have these kinds of things as standard.

Written By: peepo, 13th March 2011

After i install this mod MyAdvertisiment plugin shows up on the gallery go to this link

Written By: Flogging My Log, 30th March 2011


I installed eZGallery, but on internet explorer none of the header links or the post image form text is showing up...

Written By: ImagineDesigns, 6th April 2011

UTF-8 language pack have problem, dissaper attachment image.....

Written By: Pero28, 1st March 2012

Not a bad image. For some reason i cannot see the images, but they are there.

Written By: Z3R0XZ3R0, 27th July 2013

It works for my 1.6.10 installation but I had do tweak it a bit as the gallery doesn't use MyBBs "output_page" funktion so my plugins couldn't add their output to the page.
I've "solved" it by adding the necessary hook (pre_output_page) to the gallery_header() function. Not a clean way but sufficient so far.

Written By: Terran_Ulm, 26th September 2013

cannot_ez_view... bug not clean

Written By: hkkp, 14th March 2014

Works beautifully in my installation!

Written By: Anil Gidwani, 21st March 2014

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