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Extreme360 - v1.1 by FirefoxWiz

Hi all, this theme is really sweet, i love the color schemes. It has a simplicity to it that makes it really appealing and I personally enjoy it a lot. However there is always room for improvement. I have noticed that while testing on different browsers that this particular theme has some bugs with Internet Explorer. I don't totally understand the browser war going on but i know a lot of unfortunate people who are still using internet explorer. If it could be a little more flexible to still work in IA maybe more people could enjoy it.
It's too bad i don't like the navigation setup for the default MyBB board, it's the same on this one. I thought that it could be better. Perhaps a full bar across the top and the header image above that.

Anyways, good job on all the hard work making it, I really think that this is a awesome theme.

Written By: gonazar, 5th September 2007

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