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Downloads Manager - 1.2.1 by Firestryke31

This is excellent, I hope it offers a alpha index category to index the software links or categorize whatever such as company names etc;
this would be good for my site.
At least i can get closer to what i am looking for with this, i would like a alpha index category in place of a sub forum or child forum. either or both would be great. thanks for the feature.

Written By: Pow-Mia, 3rd April 2009

This is indeed excellent. Would it be possible to also adjust the location of the file to contain a URL in the events where the files are located on a different server? The images associated to the file can still remain local.

Written By: Lily, 7th April 2009

Very nice plugin, but would be nice if you added something like a restriction to where certain user groups can download certain things :]

Written By: kamakzy56, 31st July 2009

The german language-files are broken!?

Written By: Daniel Ahrend, 17th August 2009

""""""""Works on 1.6x""""""

but first you will have to edit the file in the "downloads.php"
found in: inc>plugins>Downloads.php

know use: ctrl+F
and find a line called:::::: compatibility' => '14*

see below
// Unless there are major code changes, this should work with 1.4.x
'compatibility' => '14*',

and change to:
// Unless there are major code changes, this should work with 1.6.x
'compatibility' => '16*',

also how to use it?
first upload and activate in the Configuration > plugins

then in the board/admin cpanel
go to :
1- Configuration > setteings> Download manager (change what you want)
2- and to upload go to : first line of menu ,<exactly below Log Out :) >
you will find a link saying """Downloads Manager""""

3- Most important, to see the page
go to : Downloads.php which you uploaded with the zip folder (not the one in inc file )

thats it !!


Edited: something i never though i will ever see in a download manager !
the file name must be less than 32 character including the file extension!!!

example a file name called:
will be named as
you will see the link in the download manager as a bove, with out the
and if you pressed on it you will see ( page error 404 )
BUT, the file was uploaded, and if you typed the full link manually you will see it,
and you can not edit the name , because once you edit and save , the space for the link will turn back to 32 character.

maybe you edit that somewhere.... but which file and where!!

other wise ,, it's working.

what do i think about the plugin.............

not bad.
but needs:
1- to remove files (seriously remove them from the server) , when i open my server with an FTP i see all the files, even the deleted ones!!

2- add an upload link for the regular user, thats way better then to let the admin be the only one uploading :)

3- it take time to upload a file one by one file, if disconnected i lose everything :(
so if i can zip everything and upload then un-zip ?? , or you use multiple files at once, thats better, specially with an ajax or flash uploader.

5- add a default image for file types if a preview image was not uploaded,
examlpe for: .ppt, doc, zip, jpg...etc.

6- adds a download link or embed link .... COOOOL :)

7- add comments .

8- add rate system, how many time downloaded, stats. and i know this is too much :P

last but not least:

9- all files uploaded through FTP to the downloads file get automatically listed, and then later edit them.

at the end thank you for the plugin it's still more than enough for many users.

Written By: 9ale7, 26th August 2010

This mod is pretty great -

Though I would LOVE a upload page for it :)

Written By: HG-Bloodmorphed, 15th October 2011

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