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Default Avatar - 1.0 by Aquilez

When I check for plugin updates in admin control panel (mybb 1.6) the system say that there a new update avaible is

version current plugin:1.0

But there is no new version, to change it go pluginfolder>inc>pluginsdefault_avatar.php

and open with notebook or editor and change:

            "version" => "1.0",


            "version" => "1.0.0",

Written By: boomreview, 3rd October 2010

You have to deactivate the whole plugin before you can even try to edit the settings. And you have to remove the avatars one by one. This was a letdown.

Written By: SlyCooperFan1, 18th April 2011

Disastrous results unless you follow these steps:

1) install the plugin 2) activate the plugin 3) do NOT hit the "click here to set a default avatar..." link that you'll see under the plugin name on the plugins page before you 4) upload and set your default avatar to images/avatars/ and 5) change the size and image path in Settings > User Registration and Profile Options first. Then you can 6) go to Plugins > and under Default Avatar click the "Click here" link. That will set all users who don't currently have an avatar to the one you just specified.

The developer should have better built the plugin as in its current state it cannot be called 1.0 version since the users must follow precise steps of face chaos. But if you follow these steps I think it is a good plugin.

Written By: Fluid Mantis, 10th September 2011

After some initial trouble with configuration, this plugin works fine. My only complaint is that when you first activate it, an avatar that doesn't actually exist is automatically set to all users who haven't uploaded one. After correcting the link, I still had to manually remove the invalid avatar from each user. A pain in the ass, but worth it in the end.

Written By: Sheldrake, 21st July 2012

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