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Bug Tracker - 1.0.2 by Tomm M

One of the best bug trackers ever made!

Written By: Pirata Nervo, 31st August 2009

One of the nicest mods I have ever seen for MyBB, I especially like how the EASY set up is!

Written By: djblalock, 20th November 2009

Works with 1.6.
Nice thing!

Written By: CroneKorkN, 14th February 2010

fantastic plugin - and great support thanks Tomm. I have it working on 1.4.11

Written By: leesester, 15th February 2010

this is a great plugin.

can we clone this on becoming downloads/lyrics/blogs plugin?

Written By: MaaV, 23rd April 2010

Looks like the author started moving everything into "tracker" folder, but forgot to update the code to take this into account --- this causes "404", e.g. after adding a comment.

Written By: iarspider, 23rd September 2012

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