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Birthday Mailer - 2.0.1 by Martin M.

After I have installed this plugin I got following error message when entering the settings area:

Warning [2] implode() [function.implode]: Bad arguments. - Line: 1153 - File: admin/modules/config/settings.php PHP 4.4.8 (Linux)

[PHP] errorhandler->error
/admin/modules/config/settings.php 1153 implode
/admin/index.php 378 require

Does anybody know how to solve this problem! I didn't dare to test the whole plugin yet!


Written By: safari, 19th October 2008

Getting the same errors as safari on this one.
Please take this plugin down until it is fixed.

Written By: DanEthical, 26th November 2008

yup its giving errors to me also
It works now its been updated since by author!
Im using Mybb 1.4.6 :)

Written By: technoman, 19th January 2009

Warning [2] implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed - Line: 1153 - File: admin/modules/config/settings.php PHP 5.2.9 (Linux)
File Line Function
[PHP] errorHandler->error
/admin/modules/config/settings.php 1153 implode
/admin/index.php 378 require

Written By: nathandawe, 17th July 2009

I don't know what you are talking about guys it works great. I don't have any errors, maybe it's all fixed. Thank you very much for this plug-in.

Written By: Ellusoft, 18th August 2009

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