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Announcement Go - 1.3 by Spudster

Seems to work good on 1.6.9. If you modify the plugin source to change the colors you will have to deactivate and then activate the plugin for the changes to be reflected.

Written By: Vidiot_X, 29th March 2013


Works good with Firefox, but not IE. Messes up the layout of theme on IE.

Written By: Vidiot_X, 29th March 2013

Using 1.6.10

Seems to works well but there is a bug, the "last post" when clicking the thread from the index won't load.

Written By: Lu5ck, 8th September 2013

Your plugin causes the 'Image Verification' captcha for new members registering to not be visible.

Written By: Erik24, 22nd July 2014

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