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Advanced Quick Reply Form - 1.0.3 by Phenomenon

Couple of bugs I found.
1 - Smileys are not clickable if MyCode editor is not displayed.
2 - Displaying MyCode editor adds a lot of space to the right of the forum.

Written By: carbonize, 17th October 2008

basically ok,
but it won't use the same layout/template as the advanced replay layout :ß

Written By: TStarGermany, 30th October 2008

Works, thanks much!

Written By: dark_hunter, 17th May 2009

I think this is like Full Reply . It will look better if u remove editor an keep smiley only in quixk reply

Written By: Blip.09, 24th August 2009

I installed this and everything works great. The only problem is I now have a span problem on my showthread.php page. If I disable the plugin the issue goes away.

To put it simply, if the plugin is turned on my page is scrollable left to right about 50% even though the page ends as normal with a small background border wrapped around my page. I also notice that the buttons span all the way to the right which leaves about 25% of the form blank where the buttons are.

Notice the horizontal scroll bar and the empty space in the quick reply box.

Written By: jpexpc, 30th August 2009

Just as described
Works great

Written By: wudbb, 31st March 2010

Just as described
Works great

Written By: wudbb, 31st March 2010

has anybody found the way to fix that span problem ?

Written By: Emperor, 21st June 2010

The span problem is certainly an issue. Ignored by the plugin author.

Written By: xomp, 11th January 2011

I've fixed that scrolling issue with a small modification of the default editor.js file.

Written By: Peace-Maker, 13th April 2011

Not working for me.
Can you please make it work for MyBB Version 1.6.9 ???

Written By: Ryanwrz, 18th April 2013

Written By: Szklarek, 13th September 2013

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