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8e - 1.1 by Jason L.

Thanks Jason 4share :)
BTW you must add the jquery library,if no the catdesc don't work :D

Cheers mate.

Written By: Chandy, 22nd June 2011

A very good theme, the images are a bit jumbled up and the calendar page is spelt wrong (It's looking for 'Calender.php') but anyone can fix it.


Written By: Jamie-Skinner, 5th August 2011

If your forum in another folder like you will get image not found error
GET http://localhost/mybb/images/8e//off.png 404 (Not Found) index.php:134
GET http://localhost/images/8e/bg.png 404 (Not Found) index.php:1
GET http://localhost/images/8e/shadow.png 404 (Not Found) index.php:1
GET http://localhost/images/8e/tcat.png 404 (Not Found) index.php:1
GET http://localhost/images/8e/synthd-bg1.png 404 (Not Found) index.php:1
GET http://localhost/images/8e/footer_bg.png 404 (Not Found) index.php:1
GET http://localhost/images/8e/head2.png 404 (Not Found)

Written By: Yusufmm, 5th February 2014

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