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Dylan M.

Recent download submissions by Dylan M.

Name Downloads
DyMy Badges - 0.1.6
A simple user badges plugin that grants badges for filled in profile fields.
DyMy Cbox Chat - 0.1.2
Cbox Chat MyBB Integration
DyMy Dice - 1.1
Dice Roller
DyMy Hide Non-Activated Users - 1.0
Hide users who haven't activated yet from the memberlist
DyMy Ignore Bad Posts - 1.0
ACP settings to "ignore posts" with bad reputations as if the poster is on your ignore list.
DyMy Ignore Bad Users - 1.0
ACP settings to "ignore posts" by users with bad reputations as if they're on your ignore list.
DyMy User Agent - 0.1.7
This plugin will place small Browser & OS badges in posts based on the user agent string
SCD Hide Email - 1.1
This plugin will change the default from unchecked to checked of the hide email option in member registration.
SCD Hide From Groups - 2.5
Free Plugin from Skin City Designs team that hides the contents of selected MyCodes from selected user groups.
SCD Img Links - 1.3
Generates a small thumbnail popup on mouseover of a link in [url][/url] tags, but without being a mycode filter
SCD Last Post - 1.0
Makes the last post text in most side boxes (including standard portal) a proper last post link.