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- G33K -

Recent download submissions by - G33K -

Name Downloads
Fit on Page - 2.3
Scale down or resize large embeded images so as to avoid the page running over
Its My Birthday! - 2.2
Sends Mail/PM to user on his/her Birthday. Fully customizable including option to start a thread or post and enables users to add their wishes without bumping the thread.
Registration Security Question - 1.2
Adds a randomly selected security question on registration page. Questions can be added/edited/deleted from the admin panel
Thank You/Like System - 1.5
Thank You/Like System enables users to Thank or Like posts thus showing their appreciation for a post without necessarily having to bump the thread
Users Browsing Forum - 1.0
Users Browsing Forum is a simple plugin that shows you the users, invisible users and guests browsing a particular forum. It replicates the behaviour of the Users Viewing Forum with the added functionality of viewing the number of invisible users. It is a
Users Browsing Thread - 1.1
Users Browsing Thread is a simple plugin that shows you the users, invisible users, if any, and guests browsing the particular thread you are viewing
Welcome PM/Email - 1.1
Sends out a PM or an Email or Both to new users welcoming them to the forums.