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Add new moderation features to your board.   Each of the downloads in this section is intended for the most recent version for MyBB 1.6. To view downloads for older versions of MyBB, see our archived downloads section.

Available Downloads

List of downloads in this category

Name Author Downloads
No Banned Profile
Don't let your users see the spam that a banned user has placed in their profile - clean it up today!
Krytic 224
No Team Reports
This will stop users reporting all team members posts.
JordanMussi 101
Post Warning Notification
Shows notification icon to mods/admins in postbit whether/if post is already warned.
crazy4cs 433
Postbit Suspend Button
Adds a suspend button to your posts and threads.
Void 42
simplify repeat merges with a simple thread tool
Wildcard 70
Rename Posts
Allows moderators to rename posts in thread.
Prtik 200
Report Once
Report Once only allows posts to be reported one time.
Vernier 323
Report Private Messages
Allows users to report private messages to moderators.
Starpaul20 2132
Report Reputation
Allows you to report reputation if it is spam/abuse etc.
Matt 1814
Report Spammer
MyBB plugin to detect and report spammers using
dandv 905
Report To Thread
Creates a discussion thread in the specified forum when a user reports a post.
Syke 711
Required Approvals
Causes new users posts to require approval, until a specified amount of the users posts have been approved.
Jammerx2 2062
Reset Poll
Allows moderators and administrators to reset a poll.
Starpaul20 474
Restrict Mod Editing
Ported version of Dennis Tsang's 1.2 mod. Prevents staff from editing posts made by fellow users of their group and higher.
Sajuuk 689
Slash Commands
A Updated version of the Auto Close plugin.
hego555 63