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Forum Display

Change the layout or add new features to your forum display page.   Each of the downloads in this section is intended for the most recent version for MyBB 1.6. To view downloads for older versions of MyBB, see our archived downloads section.

Available Downloads

List of downloads in this category

Name Author Downloads
Many New Posts
It shows how many new posts there are in a thread if there are one.
jung3o 987
My Threads Decorator
Manage your Closed & Sticky threads with this plugin. Change Color, add an Image, add an Prefix and Strike through Closed & Sticky threads. Closed threads will be move to another selected forum automatically.
ghazal 3020
Custom forum icons for your forums...
Steve Moore 4848
Adds View My Threads and View My Posts to the WelcomeBlock area.
BreShiE 1123
Adds rel="nofollow" to external links
anarchywolf46 936
visualize post reputation points
lzw 305
Recent Posts Forum Index
It will add the most recent posts of your forum at the top of your forum index.
borbole 3091
Recent Threads Forum Sidebar
It will show the recent threads from the portal to your forum in a sidebar.
borbole 2866
RSS Feed Icons
Adds RSS Feed Icon after forum name.
vbgamer45 2861
Scroll to top
Scrool Your page to up
Mostafa.Shiraali 539
Show Attachments In Forum View
Adds a pop-up in forum view to show the attachments in a thread.
Starpaul20 334
SideMenu + User + Admin
Side Menu For User And Admin 1439
Simple Code Banners!
Add a small box in the header for any codes like Google Adsense codes!
blake 3812
Let it snow!
querschlaeger 6469
Sotto Forum in Colonna
Shows your subforum in column.
djqwert 149