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Change Log

Square Theme - 1.0 by eNvy



- Released in


- Fixed multiquote button.
- Fixed random news.
- Styled PM's.
- Removed tipsy.css, added to global.css.
- Removed sidebar.js, added to headerinclude.
- Renew the jQuery code for random news (The old code causes a crash into smilies popup).


- Fixed thread rating directly from forumdisplay.


- Fixed a custom word mistake.
- Fixed some CSS to fit in 1024px.
- Added a tip in the installation, inside the readme.txt file.


- Fixed the z-index problem with breadcrumbs/menu.
- Fixed the "InformaciĆ³n general" untranslated word.
- Fixed the width of the away cellblock.

- Some minor CSS improvements in:

* Fieldsets
* Textbox
* Select
* Category Description
* Who's online
* All the FontAwesome Icons
* Breadcrumbs

- Removed the images for the show/hide sidebar, now uses css and FontAwesome icons.


- Updated to 1.6.13.


- ADVICE: This theme will no longer receive support from the author when MyBB upgrades to 1.8.


- Updated to MyBB 1.6.15.