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Change Log

Shadowbox - 1.5 by querschlaeger

Version 1.0

  • initial stable release
  • Core: Shadowbox.js 3.0b

Version 1.1

Version 1.2
  • detects now the mime type of an external web recource and load the appropriate handler (if Open external web recources is activated in Admin CP)
  • Cacheable Attachments respects now global MyBB setting Send No Cache Headers
  • correction of some typos in Admin CP

Version 1.3
  • fixes getimagesize() problem on some special servers (only happen if Open external web recources is activated in Admin CP)
  • tweaks added: autoDimensions and flashVersion

Version 1.3.1
  • some CSS changes

Version 1.4
  • removed author credits from footer and changed license to GPL
  • Core: Shadowbox.js 3.0rc1

Version 1.5
  • now works regardless of browser mime type preferences (report)