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Change Log

Overview - 3.0.4 by Michael S.

- Fix: Problems with special characters in message

- "Who posted" popup didn't work

- New: Polish language file
- Fix: Copied threads were shown in the newest threads column

- Integrated Bad Word Filter
- Ability to choose between htmlentities and htmlspecialchars
- No need of modifying files anymore
- Collapse image removed

- Copatibility to MyBB 1.2
- Bug with unviewable forums fixed

- New: The overview table reloads itself automatically (Ajax) - You can set the period of time in your Admin-CP
- New: You can choose between normal and Ajax version
- New: You can change the sorting of the columns as you wish
- New: You can deactivate the overview for guests
- New: You can use MyCode in the message

- New: Included laguagefiles for italian, turkish
- New: Possibility to format the usernames in the style of their usergroups

- New: Column "Threads with most replies"
- New: You can display a message
- New: The "RE:" in front of the subjects of replies can be removed
- New: A click on the number of posts of a thread shows the authors
- New: A click on the number of posts of a user shows the posts
- New: Included laguagefiles for arabic (simplified), dutch, english, german, hebrew, norwegian
- Fix: Collapse/expand bug
- Fix: Invalid HTML output
- Code audit

- Multilanguagesupport
- Fix: On some servers there was the problem that the number of table columns was wrong

- New Feature: Expand and Collapse
- Title-Tag added

- Fix: Drafts are shown

- New column: "Top Poster"
- New column: "Favourite Threads"

- Optimized code
- New Column: Newest Posts
- Each column can be activated or deactivated
- Number of items can be more than 10
- New templates
- Possibility to enter the maximal number of characters to show (subjects)

- Fix: Threads that are in forums that are not visible for all are shown

- First release