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This site is now read-only following the release of MyBB 1.8 and the new mods site.

If you are looking for MyBB 1.8 mods please click here to visit the new mods site.

You can continue to download submissions for MyBB 1.6 and earlier here, however new submissions will only be accepted via the new mods site.

Change Log

MyIPB - 3.0 by Scoutie44

1.0.1 - Fixed XML bug, file didn't export properly.
1.0.2 - Added missing postbit images (postbit_www and postbit_warn).

Semi-Major Update! 1.1.0!

1.1.0 - Modified forumdisplay.php to look more like IPB. Also added new icons for thread indicators.

Semi-Major Update! 1.2.0!

1.2.0 - Hopefully fixed the quick reply (almost the way I wanted...), fixed thread previews, added drop-down usernames.

1.2.1 - Fixed quick reply for good. Showthread was slightly altered.

1.2.2 - Enhanced post bit templates.

1.2.3 - Fixed footer template bug.

Major Update! 2.0.0!

2.0.0 - Tabbed profiles introduced. Currently, multiple languages are not supported in this area. Even more enhanced profiles to come on 2.1.0.

2.0.1 - Fixed XML bug, again...

2.1.0 - Finally got the popup search working! Yay! Also, revamped profiles as promised!