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Videotube BBCode

Allows you to get content of Videotube with Ease

Author: IcEmAn
Submitted: 23rd January 2007
Get Content Of videotube with Ease.

Lets you get content off videotube and Place it on your forum post with ease. To put the content on your website use the following tag

The 'xxxxx' Refers the to Video ID, or for you not web smart people, the http://www.videotube.tld/watch/xxxxx Bit in bold. Replace the extension "tld" with your preferred TopLevelDomain.
Available are: us,, de, at, be, cn, cz, dk, fr, it, nl, pl, ro, es, ch, se

Version Information:
On version 1.0, hopefully no errors should arise.

Upload to inc/plugins/ and activate in the AC