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sasiran-green 1 (rtl)

A theme whit Persian buttons and rtl languages style (Glossy Buttons)

Version: 1.01
Author: sasiran
Submitted: 21st November 2008
Last Updated: 24th November 2008
This theme designed for RTL languages whit persian buttons

Theme Name: sasiran-green 1 (Glossy Buttons)
Designed for: MyBB 1.4.1
Designer: Hamed-Ma
License: GNU/GPL (

After download the Zip file you must Unzip the file
Upload "images" folder to your root directory

1 - upload sasiran-green1 folder to your images folder .
2 - upload persian folder to your images folder too.
2 - upload sasiran-theme1.xml file to your jscripts folder .

Go to "AdminCP > Templates & Styles > Import a Theme" and import the sasiran-theme1.xml file

راهنمای نصب فارسی در لینک زیر گذاشته شده است

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email : [email protected]
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