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PM on Registration v1.1.2

Sends a private message automatically to new users.

Author: Dennis Tsang
Submitted: 14th December 2006
Last Updated: 18th March 2007
Sends a private message automatically to new users. Administrators can customize who the messages are sent from, the subject, and the message.

MyBB Version: 1.2.x
Type: Plugin
Plugin Version: v1.1.2 (Mar 18, 2007)

Upgrade Instructions:
0) Save any important settings related to this plugin
1) Deactivate previous version
2) Upload new plugin file to inc/plugins directory
3) Activate via Admin CP Plugin Manager

Install Instructions:
Upload this file into your inc/plugins directory and activate from the Admin CP Plugin Manager

- bug fixing
- Any errors with the data handler are now reported in the pmonreg_errors data cache.
- Updated to MyBB 1.2.0
- Now uses private message data handler so PM is handled more realistically (can save a copy, request receipt, disable smilies, show signature, PM notification email and popups)
-Fixed the bug where the "Send?" setting was ignored.