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phpFreeChat Plugin 1.9-beta(A)

This plugin integrates a phpFreeChat session into MyBB.

Author: Ichibod
Submitted: 1st March 2007
Last Updated: 11th March 2007
This simple plugin embeds an open-source phpFreeChat session into your MyBB forums site.

phpFreeChat acts, feels, and looks very similar to the garden variety ICQ/MSN/... programs out there. It's php-powered and requires NO database backend. (check it out at

Both this plugin and the phpFreeChat software are very nice and very easy to install. Since I finished working on it, my forums users have been using it constantly.

See the readme.html in the package for more information; and checkout the screencap below to see how it looks in MyBB.

Change Log:
version 1.9-beta(A) ~ (03/10/2007)
- "A" = AWESOME! (hehe) Actually, "A" means the first revision to the 1.9-beta series.
- The chat session can now be embedded into MyBB in 1 of 3 different places, with selection set in the AdminCP. Available options include:
-- Header: [this shows on every major page] (position used in all previous plugin versions)
-- Index [shows only on the main index page]
-- Toplinks [adds a new toplink icon that opens chat in a popup window] (this is the new default due to increased board performance when chat is not embedded in the pages.)
- Admins can allow users to "opt-out" of chat, & reposition it through their UserCPs!
- Whole host of bug fixes and improvements.

version 1.9-beta ~ (02/28/2007)
- Upgraded plugin mechanics to support the latest phpFreeChat (v1.9-beta).
- Greatly enhances board admin control of the chat session with many additional options in the Admin CP.
- Full language support is now available. (I'm actively searching for translators, so please PM me or email me from the MyBB mods or community sites to help!)

version 1.1-beta ~ (01/23/07)
- Fixed a bug in the way usergroups were treated
- Enhances board admin control of the chat session with additional options in the Admin CP
- Automatically gives admin privileges to your board's admins, moderators, super-mods, etc.
- Usergroups are now managed properly - in the following way:
1: Unregistered / Not logged in Admin CP configurable
2: Registered Automatically Permitted
3: Supermod Automatically Permitted, with Admin privileges
4: Admin Automatically Permitted, with Admin privileges
5: Non-Activated Admin CP configurable
6: Moderator Automatically Permitted, with Admin privileges
7: Banned Automatically Blocked
8+: Customs Usergroups Admin CP configurable

version 1.0-beta ~ (01/15/07)
- Original BETA release.

(Popularity Note: Add 307 downloads to get the actual total number. The extra 307 count for obsolete versions I've taken offline.)