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MyBB Transparent Image Pack

A compilation of transparent logos, buttons, icons, and images used in MyBB

Version: 1.0.0
Author: lorddonk
Submitted: 17th December 2008
If you have been using MyBB with custom themes, you may have noticed that the images included with MyBB look great on themes with similar colors to the default theme, but look downright horrible on any dark background. The images get ugly white pixels around them (known as a matte) when placed on a dark colored background.

Well, no more! The spirit of MyBB is to share, and thus, in this download, you will find all the MyBB images with completely transparent backgrounds all compiled together into one useful little package by me, Lorddonk!

In this pack you will find: Wrote:
  • All MyBB default images (Post icons, on, off, off lock, etc)
  • Mod CP images
  • Top links images (Calendar, help, search, member list)
  • User CP images
  • Attachment images
  • MyBB Buttons images (new thread, new reply, etc)
  • Button PSD for editing
  • A transparent logo PSD for editing

They are all properly named, and can simply be copied over the proper directories to install. That's it! You'll never have to touch an image again, and now it's just that much easier to create your own custom button sets/images!

This took a lot of work and throughout there were a few hiccups that you should be aware of:

  • You will not find smiles in this pack (If someone wants to make a transparent version, I will gladly credit them and include it in this pack)
  • You will not find post icons in this pack. (The icons you apply to a thread during creation) (If someone wants to make a transparent version, I will gladly credit and include it in this pack)
  • You will not find "code button" icons in this pack. (They are already transparent!)
  • You will not find avatars in this pack. (Guests will probably upload their own, anyway)
  • You will not find "group images" in this pack. (They are already transparent!)
  • On, Off, Off lock images have been changed. Chances are you will want to customize them for your forums anyway.
  • The "default avatar" is changed (couldn't find the image used)
  • The two spinner images still will have the white background. (They are .gif animations and I don't know how to edit them)
  • The star rating images have a slightly different blue (Not a big difference just a slightly different blue because I couldn't make that same color)

I did compile this all into one pack, but this is not completely my work, so here's the due credits: Wrote:
  • Lorddonk. Moi. Please check out some of my custom MyBB Themes!
  • Obviously, these icons are not mine, they are the lovely Silk Icon Set from used in MyBB
  • The transparent button set .PSD that I found was uploaded by Tochjo here. I edited them from one big image into individual ones formatted for MyBB
  • And the transparent .PSD version of the logo was uploaded here by Chris Boulton himself!
  • Credit to anyone who wants to create transparent smilies, and post icons, as well as anyone who'd like to make a .xcf version of the .psd files in this theme for the great Gimp community

Enjoy! Hopefully this will make it easier on our MyBB Theme Makers as well as make it easier for anyone who wants to use custom themes on their forums!

Download Mirrors
In case this site is ever down, you can always get the pack at these following sites:
MyBB Mods (Coming Soon)
MyBB Central (Coming Soon)