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Downloads Section

Add a fully integrated download section into your MyBB installation.

Version: 2.0.1
Author: Alan Crisp
Submitted: 12th March 2006
Last Updated: 29th August 2007
Finally here, this is the all new version of the downloads section plugin, fully compatible with MyBB 1.2. This version of the plugin is a significant improvement to the previous versions. A number of features have been added and many existing features have been improved.

Additionally, thanks to the expansion of the MyBB plugin system in the 1.2 release, no code modifications are required to install this plugin. Even the admin interface should be ready to use once you have uploaded and activated the plugin.

The most significant change in this version, is the fact that downloads are now uploaded to the server rather than simply linked to. Users wanting to list download links like in previous versions should instead use the new version of the links section which will be available in the not too distant future. For more information, feel free to contact me.